Amani - Character Rig - WIP
George crudo george crudo screenshot007

This is my character Amani and she's getting rigged!

George crudo amanirig

This is a screenshot of the full rig. It has manipulators for several body part.

George crudo legik

Just a simple leg IK demonstrating the binded mesh. As mentioned this is still a WIP and I still need to work on the skinning and weight painting

George crudo customattributes

The manipulators also have some custom attributes that are binded to reverse heel joints that let you do some pretty cool things. I enjoy creating tools like this to make an animators life easier :)

George crudo drivekey

One of my favorite things to do is to set driven keys so you can easily do things like curl fingers with custom attributes.

George crudo hipsmanip

Showcasing early stages of how the whole body moves from the hips manipulator

George crudo spineik

The spine and neck both use an IK Spline and can be moved as well as twisted through the N and S manipulators

George crudo neckik

Showing the Neck manipulator as well

George crudo eyetest

Also set up a quick little eye manipulator

George crudo blendy

I took the head model into Zbrush and sculpted a handful of different blend shapes to use for this rig.

George crudo blendshapes

I then set up some basic controls for the blend shapes using curves and the expression editor to link to the blend shape attributes

George crudo eyebrows

I also created a wire deformer with some clusters along the eyebrows that could be manipulated for some other more expressions.

I've had this character completed for a while but finally decided to set up a rig for her. The rig is still very much a work in progress and the skinning needs a ton of work but I wanted to share some of the cool things I did for this rig so far