Wooden Stag - Game of Thrones 3D Print
George crudo stag final render

Final Digital Rendition

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For the print, the keys were inserted, the antlers, neck and legs went through some thickening and balancing changes for better engineering

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Once the piece was assembled the painting began

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George crudo woodenstag

Final painted version

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George crudo signing

The piece was then signed by Kerry Ingram at Con of Thrones

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Final completed and signed piece

Featured on the Pixologic Blog

This was a one time private commission I completed for a friend of mine. It's the "Wooden Stag" that appears in Game of Thrones, given to Shireen by Davos. The sculpt was completed by me and the engineering was handled by Jake Kemper of Captain's Forge. The final physical paint job was completed by Susan Attai. The stag was split into 3 pieces: The body, the head and the antlers. The print was completed on a Form2 printer. Much attention was given to the neck to make sure that all the little fur patches would print correctly and that it would imitate the style of the wooden stag from the show.

The piece was completed for a trip to the Con of Thrones convention to get it signed by the actress Kerry Ingram who plays Shireen.