Tech Art - Marvelous Designer Quad Mesh/UV Tool
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For this tech art project, I used my original character Amani that I created for my class with Adam Skutt. Her clothes were originally created in Marvelous Designer.

George crudo dress 1

This is the original dress mesh we have out of Marvelous Designer. It has a nice UV layout! But really messy Tri geometry.

George crudo flattenedtris 2

From Marvelous you can export a flattened version of this mesh that resembles and has the same UVs as the original mesh.

George crudo quadnouvs

The last mesh we need for this to work properly is a clean quad version of the flattened mesh. I used ZRemesher in Zbrush for quick clean quads. However using this process, we have 2 problems. We lose UVs and we have no quads in the shape of the dress.

George crudo tool 3

This is the tool I created to help bridge this gap. With all 3 meshes in your scene, we can identify which is which and transfer the UVs and Vert Positions to create a clean quad version of the dress with UVs!!

George crudo finalexample

Here is the process in action demonstrating how easy it is to create clean quad geometry from a Marvelous Designer mesh and maintain UVs. This mesh is much easier to sculpt on and has UV's for you to work with in the process.

This was a tool I created based on a method of creating usable geometry from a Marvelous Designer base mesh. The process involves exporting both a normal and flattened version of your generated clothing mesh from Marvelous Designer with the clothing pattern being your UVs. You then take the flattened version into something like ZBrush to generate clean quad topology that still resembles the flattened shape. The issue however is that you lose UVs and you don't have clean quads in the shape of your clothing mesh. This tool fixes that issue.

Once you have these 3 meshes, you can import them into Maya and utilize this tool. The tool identifies the meshes, transfers the UVs and "reshapes" the flattened quads.

I originally discovered this method manually thanks to the amazing class I had with Adam Skutt and decided to automate the process :)

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