George's Maya Tool Kit
George crudo toolkit

An overview of the tool itself

George crudo cp dh ft

Three things I seem to do all the time in Maya: Center Pivot, Delete History and Freeze Transforms. I even added a button that does all 3 at once!

George crudo normals

Demonstrating the tools dealing with normals and mesh display. Fixing reverse normals, and hardening and softening edges

George crudo combine fillholes

Demonstrating the combination of meshes and filling holes on multiple meshes

George crudo constrains

Showing how the constraint buttons work. Easily set up an aim or point constraint. Select the target as the first object.

George crudo mergeverts

Showing the merge vertex working with the input threshold value.

This is a script I created to consolidate a number of tools in Maya into one window for easy access to save some time. I'll continue to develop and add to this tool as I realize more and more things that would benefit from this.