Portraiture Studies - 2019 - WIPs
George crudo dr new

Daisy Ridley likeness sculpt WIP

George crudo dr new 2
George crudo dr new 3
George crudo ak new 1

Anna Kendrick Likeness Sculpt WIP

George crudo ak new 2

Still experimenting with the hairstyle. I might try to do make a different style with a part in the middle.

George crudo ak new 4

These are a couple of likeness sculpts I'm working on and experimenting with. I'm trying to achieve the likeness in both a neutral look and with an expression. These are all WIP shots at the moment. I have been more focused on general forms and proportions rather than going super detailed. Trying to achieve the likeness as much as possible before getting to any of that and then will do some nice final renders for these :)